Chronic Pain And Its Treatment

Treating Pain

Pain is an unpleasant feeling that one faces due to a medical ailment or an injury. Each person would experience ache in a different manner. People might suffer from short term or long term pain.

It is triggered due to the damage to the tissues. Only when ache is felt in the body people would notice it. This is just a defensive mechanism and it is an indication that you have to do something to stop the tissues from damaging further.

Different types of pain

Types Of Pain

It is classified into two major types such as acute and chronic pain. You have to know that pain is very beneficial from an important perspective. This is because only when you feel then you would know that something is wrong with the body and it is an alarm that you have to get treated immediately.

When a person does not feel any pain at all, then the medical ailment would worsen day by day and might prove to be fatal. You have to consider pain as a symptom and address it accordingly.

  • Acute pain

Acute pain is the sudden discomfort that a body experiences when you fall down, prick your fingers with a needle or even labor pain. When it lasts three to six months then it can be scheduled under the acute category.

This type of ache would alert the individual about the tissue damage at a particular place and it would fade away soon with the treatment. During acute pain, your body would be put in fight or flight mode hence there would be a sudden increase in the heart rate.

  • Chronic pain

When the pain lasts more than three to six months then it might be classified as chronic pain. Most of the ailments that cause this type of discomfort cannot be cured through treatment. At this phase, fight or flight mode is stopped and the signals would overstimulate the nerves.

Due to this, the agony might be permanent, or it would start aching in different intervals with a break in the middle. Chronic pain might range from mild to severe depending on the severity of the medical condition.

Symptoms of chronic pain

Not everyone would experience similar symptoms of chronic pain and it would vary from one person to another. You might feel like squeezing, shooting, soreness, stiffness, throbbing, burning and stinging. A person would experience certain symptoms like difficulty in sleeping, weakness or feeling very tired, loss of appetite, frequent mood swings, and lack of energy.

In fact, some people might not have any symptom at all. For them, the chronic pain would start after the injury or certain health issues in them.

Treatment options available for chronic pain

There are various treatment options available for helping people to get rid, of chronic pain. It might be taking drugs, surgery, natural remedies, chiropractic therapy, herbal remedies or yoga. A person can choose the one at which they are very comfortable at. We would mention about these options in detail below.


Medications for treating pain are the most preferred one. This is very simple and it is very affordable compared to other methods. In every medication, there will be different dosage strengths which can help a person who suffer from moderate to severe pain.

  • Soma

Soma Drug

Soma is a pain relief medication that has its own mechanism to treat the pain. The ingredients of the drug would prevent the signals between nerves and brain. Due to this a person would experience less pain in the body. There are two variants available for the medication like immediate release and extended release.

Those who are suffering from pain that needs to be addressed only for a shorter period of time can go about taking immediate release pills. When the pill is taken, it would act very quickly on the pain but the effectiveness might last only for a lesser time. Extended release capsules can be taken by an individual whose pain needs to be addressed for a longer period.

When a capsule is taken, it might start to work little late compared to the immediate release tablets but the effectiveness on the pain will be there for a longer period. To tell in short, people with chronic pain can take extended release capsules to avoid taking the tablets more frequently whereas individuals with moderate pain can take immediate release tablets.

Soma is available in two different dosage strengths like 50mg and 100mg. However, the overall dose of the day would vary from one person to another depending upon the severity of the pain. This is a brand drug and it is very addictive in nature, so the treatment period would only be for a shorter period like two to three weeks.

  • Tramadol

Tramadol Drug

This is the generic version of Ultram and even for using this; it is a must to have a medical script. Since this is the generic one, it will also copy the same mechanism of the brand medication. This drug can be administered in different ways like rectal, intravenous, intramuscular or through mouth. Based on the requirement, Tramadol dose would be prescribed by the healthcare professional. The medication will reach its peak within few minutes and the biological half-life of the drug is two hours.

Immediate release tablets can be taken by patients who are above 12 years of age whereas extended release capsules are suitable only for those who have crossed 18 years. Tramadol has to be taken along with a rest therapy. When a person takes rest during the treatment, then the effectiveness that they experience will be great.

Since this medication is commonly taken among people there are many cases in which they get addicted through misuse. This is why you are not supposed to share the pills with others.

People who are allergic to the inactive ingredients in the brand drug can try the generic pills. There are individuals who switch from one variant to another but find it to be very effective on the pain.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractor is a person who gives this treatment. The chiropractic system is a non-surgical method and most of them found to be very effective. These chiropractors would concentrate on the spinal manipulation that causes pain in the body. This manual therapy is very effective in the treatment of lower back pain. When the therapy is taken, it can be beneficial for the person with pain for a longer period of time. This is one of the safest methods that is followed now to reduce the pain in the body. Some of the pains that can be treated with this method are repetitive strains, neck pain, headache, lower back pain, arthritic pain, car accident and sport injuries.

Natural remedies

If an individual is suffering from minor pain then they can use these natural remedies. Taking this would help him or her to reduce the pain. Applying ice pack or heat pack over the region affected by pain could be beneficial. In case, the pain is in the hand then place a towel and over it keep the ice pack. Avoid contacting the skin directly with the pack. Following this procedure for two to three times in a day for twenty minutes each can help you to lessen the effect of pain. The best part of using natural remedies is that there is no ill effect triggered by using this.


Surgery For Pain

Doing a surgery for chronic pain is very rare. This would be done only if all the treatment options are not beneficial to a person. Undergoing a surgery would definitely provide you with a relief however this would cause a permanent damage on the sensation like a touch, light or temperature changes. There are also chances that a person would experience different kind of pain.

In decompression, the healthcare professional would open the skin and remove the vessels that are causing the pain. There are other surgeries like electrical nerve stimulation, nerve ablation, and chemical sympathectomy. A medical specialist would select one based on the need of the person.


Yoga For Treating Pain

Yoga is a technique that is followed for thousands of years. Doing yoga would not only cause physical benefits but it would also promote mental benefits. People who are suffering from chronic or acute pain can go about practicing yoga with the help of the experts.

Yoga is formulated as slow movement postures which can provide easiness in the body. Individuals can get relieved not only from lower back pain but also from other types of pain.

Herbal remedies

Cloves can be powered and it can be used as a topical powder. It can help a person who is suffering from headache, tooth pain, or arthritis inflammation. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which can protect the body from further damage in the cells and tissues. Ginger, willow bark, and devils claw are some of the herbal remedies.


Massage For Pain

When massage is done, it would relax the muscle tissues. The nerve compressions can be prevented thus preventing the pain and muscle spasms in the body. Massage should be done only by the experts to get positive effects on the pain.


Acupuncture is also one of the natural remedies for pain. A thin needle would be inserted on the region with pain by the experts and it reduces the pain. Only the experts should do this treatment and not others. This is an ancient Chinese medical practice which is still followed as it is very helpful for people. In this technique, the pain is relieved by promoting serotonin release in the body.