What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is an unpleasant feeling that one faces due to a medical ailment or an injury. Each person would experience ache in a different manner. People might suffer from short term or long term pain.

It is triggered due to the damage to the tissues. Only when ache is felt in the body people would notice it. This is just a defensive mechanism and it is an indication that you have to do something to stop the tissues from damaging further. When chronic pain is accompanied with depression, anxiety and other problems, it is known as Chronic Pain Syndroms (CPS).

Different modes of Chronic pain

Modes of Chronic Pain

It is classified into two major types such as chronic pain and chronic pain syndrome. You have to know that pain is very beneficial from an important perspective. This is because only when you feel then you would know that something is wrong with the body and it is an alarm that you have to get treated immediately.

When a person does not feel any pain at all, then the medical ailment would worsen day by day and might prove to be fatal. You have to consider pain as a symptom and address it accordingly.

  • Chronic pain in general

When the pain lasts more than three to six months then it might be classified as chronic pain. Most of the ailments that cause this type of discomfort cannot be cured through treatment. At this phase, fight or flight mode is stopped and the signals would overstimulate the nerves.

Due to this, the agony might be permanent, or it would start aching in different intervals with a break in the middle. Chronic pain might range from mild to severe depending on the severity of the medical condition.

  • Chronic pain syndrome

Other problems affecting directly or indirectly, causing hindrance to the day to day lifestyle of an individual, accompanying chronic pain is known as chronic pain syndrome or simple CPS. Primitive and most common issues summing up to chronic pain are depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and drowsiness.

Is is much known that pain interrupts our day to day routing, but when it is accompanied by other problems relating with mental or physical issues, the condition gets worse; to a level that cannot be handled else otherwise without pain medications or immediate treatment.

What are the symptoms of chronic pain?

Not everyone would experience similar symptoms of chronic pain and it would vary from one person to another. You might feel like squeezing, shooting, soreness, stiffness, throbbing, burning and stinging. A person would experience certain symptoms like difficulty in sleeping, weakness or feeling very tired, loss of appetite, frequent mood swings, and lack of energy.

In fact, some people might not have any symptom at all. For them, the chronic pain would start after the injury or certain health issues in them.