Classification of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something which is there than the normal healing time in our body. Prolonged paid is often referred to an chronic pain and it can last anywhere between 3-6 months of time. Over 20 percent of the global population accounts for chronic pain and it is the reason why they visit the doctor. Chronic pain can be divided into various categories and the most frequent chronic pains are listed below with an explanation for each.

Chronic primary pain:  This is one of the primary pain in which one or more regions of the body is in the pain situation for more than three months of time. Due to this pain, the body continues to feel significant functional disability which means there is an interruption in the body and that can affect the day to day activities which our body performs on a regular basis. Chronic pain can be caused due to many unknown factors in the body and they can be commonly identified as neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and widespread pain in the body. The term pain is the primary thing in the body which is caused as a result of a disturbance in the body balance.

Chronic cancer pain

A person suffering from cancer can suffer a lot of pain and that can be dangerous when it is come due to cancer. Since the first and foremost issue to tackle in the cancer is the pain which is chronic. The pain is caused by the tumor cells in the body and the pain over here can be subdivided into two groups namely visceral and somatosensory pain. The pain happens to be in the background of our body which can cause intermittent pain in the body. In this kind of pain, the pain peaks at some point in time and make it feel uncomfortable in the end. The physical movement of the body is restricted due to the pain in the body. This can lead to several other issues when it is left unmonitored. The treatment which can be given for this pain is later discussed in the next coming headings.

Post-surgical chronic pain

The pain occurs in the body after the person is subjected to a surgery and in which the person would feel a change in which the pain prolongs. Sometimes, an injury in the tissue can also lead to a pain in the body which is even more severe than the post-surgical pain. A person suffering from this pain has to tackle the pre-existing pain which can cause the body to be more tiring. Depending on the kind of surgery which is done, the pain levels in the body in increased or decreased over time. On an average, it is found that the person with some pain tends to get more than 5 to 7 percent of extra pain when there is a surgical thing happens. The overall quality of life is affected over here and you will be pushed to different quality of lifestyle.

A chronic headache

This kind of headache is classified into two type, one is a primary headache and the next is a secondary headache. A chronic headache and chronic orofacial pain in the body can occur during the 50 percent of the days and can last for about 3 months of time. Persistent pain due to a headache can lead to burning mouth syndrome which is also known as chronic pain due to a headache. This pain also comes under the post-traumatic neuropathic pain.

Chronic visceral pain:

The pain happens in the internal parts of the body and it can also cause various effects in the body. Mostly, the pain is caused by the abdominal and pelvic region. The somatic tissue of the body is subjected to stress and it can lead to damage to sensory innervation. The pain due to this is further classified into two types on the basis of the persistent inflammation and vascular inflammation. Pain due to cancer can also be associated with this kind of pain and can take a serious toll on the body. The internal organs of the body can be damaged severely if the pain is not taken care of wisely.

Chronic musculo-skeletal pain

The pain occurs as a part of the disease where it directly affects the bones, muscles, joints, and the other soft tissues. The pain comes under the category of nociceptive pain it cannot be included in the pain which is due to musculo-skeletal tissues. Some inferred pain in the body can be cured by undergoing proper medication. The pain is cross-referenced to the musculoskeletal conditions for which the cause of the pain is still not found completely. The chronic primary pain also contains this kind of pain where the musculoskeletal tissues are included.

These are the different classifications of chronical pains which occurs in the body.